About Smash Daddies

Smash Daddies is a family-owned food trailer in Elgin, Texas that prides itself on serving great food, in what we feel is an even greater community. In fact, this is at the heart of our mission statement - service within the community. It all started with the winter storm in 2021. Stef "Papa Smash" Finley, along with his son, Deklan, were giving out water to the community for those that did not have access to clean water. What began as a roughly thrown-together operation, quickly snowballed into a well-oiled machine, as community members began to assist in various ways, no matter how small.  From out of the deep freeze an idea to an even deeper vision was kindled.  The following Spring, Papa Smash began smashing burgers at the Elgin Farmer's Market as a donation-based operation in order to better fund the next emergency.  When the tornados ripped through the town a year later, Smash Daddies was ready to answer the call; feeding first responders and families that were hit the hardest. We at Smash Daddies know there will always be a need right around the corner. Our goal is to build an infrastructure for everyone to feed into,
:in order to better serve the community together. And what better way to feed the community right back than smashin' some burgers? This is just the beginning. We invite you to be a part of our growth as we "Feed the Need and Seed the Need" within the community. So, that about sums it up for all things Smash Daddies for now. It's time to  

          Shut Up and Eat!